Why We Need to Adjust the Price of Our Shappy Play Sofa

2 min read

The last few months have been one big rollercoaster for us. After almost 2 years of researching and fine-tuning our products, we finally launched our online shop and started selling our sofas all over Europe. We could never have even dreamed how much you would fall in love with Shappy and how positive the response would be.

We want to continue to grow and reach new families with our sofa and this requires investment. From the beginning, we did not set out to have a high margin in our product. We felt it was not fair to customers. We never wanted to be the cheapest play sofa on the market. Above all, we wanted everything to be of high quality and to serve you for years.

It is important to us to build a sustainable company that offers our employees, suppliers and partners fair wages and also gives something back by being committed to the environment. That's why we want to invest in a greener solution - next year, instead of 3 big cardboard boxes and a mass of foil, our sofa will be packed in just one cardboard box.

You will be able to buy separate covers. We are also planning to introduce some additions to make the play even better. Eventually, we will introduce a lot of newness in materials. Oh there will be a lot going on!

Finally, in order to scale our operations and keep up with the ever-increasing costs of materials and production, we have decided that we need to increase the price of our play sofa by about 5%. The increase will take place on 01.01.2023.

We are writing about this now so that you have time to make your purchase at the old price, if you are already determined and waiting for the moment - here it comes.

Your Shappy Team