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Welcome to our FAQ about Shappy Modular Play Sofa. You probably have a lot of questions, and we’re hoping we can answer some of them here. Still not sure about something? Email us at contact@heyshappy.com and we’ll respond within 24-48 hours. 

Dimensions & Use

Shappy is an open-ended modular play sofa! That’s just a really fancy way of saying that it’s a sofa that works like a set of building blocks. Kids and adults will have a comfortable place to sit and lounge around or kids can use it for imaginative playtime.

The best part is that it's so easy to use.

We set out to create a play sofa that we could be proud of and that met our high-quality minimalistic standards... and was safe for our children to play on. That's why we just used the finest fabrics, zippers, and foam available, all of which are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified and free of hazardous materials

Once it arrives at your doorstep, Shappy will stay in your family for a long time due to its versatility and this can be guaranteed only by setting the quality bar very high.

Shappy is designed to fit in tight places and is highly adaptable. It has a width of 160cm across the front and a depth of 80cm. With a seat height of 25cm, it's ideal for a comfortable and accessible place for your child to relax.

Montessori parents will love this! As a sleepover solution, Shappy can be configured to measure 160cm wide x 172.5cm long.. so it’s enough sleeping space to have your child’s best friend coming over for a pajama party.

Shappy is made up of 10 total parts: the base and the support (each one of them with two sets of foam zipped together), 2 trapezoid-like pillows, 2 arm rest pillows, and 2 cushy through pillows.

They may be modified into whatever the imagination can conceive, from rocket ships to castles - the possibilities are endless! They're covered with a well-made commercial-grade textured polyester fabric that can be transformed into anything the mind desires.

It's a little less than 14 kg when all components are combined (which isn't difficult).

We wanted to make sure youngsters didn't play with heavy things that they might get trapped under or hurt themselves with. You have a durable, lightweight sofa that is safe for kids of all ages.

Do you have a large family that will all fit on it at once? That's no issue. Is it OK if a few children jump up and down on it? There are no parts or pieces that may be damaged and the sofa is made of thick, supportive high-density foam designed to take abuse.

We've discovered one sort of foam after extensive testing with our own children.

This was done to make Shappy lighter for kids to be able to move pieces about on their own while also making sure that the thickness of both of our bases, which ensures strength and durability over time.

The base and the support are sturdy but still comfortable and let you feel like you're sitting on a cloud. The trapezoid-like triangles can be used as a sturdy backrest but also as forts support. Finally, the through pillows are super comfy and just cushy, perfect for laying your head on them.

Kids’ safety is our top priority, we are only making the Shappy out of certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 foam, which is the golden industry standard. This means that there are no flame retardants, no mercury, no lead nor any other heavy metals, no formaldehyde and no phlatates. 

We're proud of the high quality of our textiles and work closely with one of Europe's most socially responsible textile manufacturers. Our lovely double-stitched covers are created in Poland, where our textiles are quality checked, cut, and sewn together.

Our knitted fabric has a soft touch, with a pleasant cashmere-like. Made from high-grade materials, their aesthetics will fit not only your kid’s room but also your perfectly Scandinavian-style living room. 

Thanks to easy cleaning they will look great for several years, even with an ultra-tough use. At the production stage, the fibers are covered with a special finish that protects the fabric from dirt penetration. Thanks to this, all stains are quickly and efficiently cleaned.

With the Oeko-Tex Certificate, we give you confidence that the fabric is free of allergens and completely safe for your children. 

Finally, we love dogs and cats and all the pets around the world so that’s why we’ve chosen a pet-friendly fabric. Fabrics from this group have undergone special laboratory tests to check resistance to snagging caused by scratching. They are very durable and easy to clean.


Shappy is rather low-maintenance, as its polyester covers are very easy to clean for little spills and can go in the washing machine when necessary at 30℃! We recommend washing all of your Shappy covers together to maintain consistency - Shappyshould be dried flat and need a quick groom with a lint brush or vacuum from time to time!

We love dogs and cats and all the pets around the world so that’s why we’ve chosen a pet-friendly fabric. Fabrics from this group have undergone special laboratory tests to check resistance to snagging caused by scratching. They are very durable and easy to clean. On top pf that, you can pick up or flip each piece of Shappy effortlessly, so there aren't any unreachable spots to vacuum or wipe with a lint roller.

Shappy fabric is hydrophobic which means that it is designed to have liquids runoff, rather than soak through.

With our lovely thick fabric, we rarely see small spills penetrate to the foam.. if they do, remove the covers straight away and put the foam in a sunny, airy place to fully dry, blotting with a dry cloth will draw any liquid. Covers can easily be washed in the machine at 30℃ and put back on once the foam has dried out!

Shipping & Ordering

Shipping is free of charge within the EU where Shappy is available. Please get in touch with us at contact@heyshappy.com if you live in a country where we normally do not deliver. We will try our best to figure something out.

Shappy is hand-made in our factory and this exacting process takes time. We are currently shipping Shappy within 3-4 weeks from the order date, but many orders will ship much earlier, so please ensure you advise us if you are unable to receive our play sofa before a certain date! 

You will receive an order confirmation with all your order details. Please check them carefully and advise within 24 hours if there are any issues or if you need your Shappy for a specific date. You will receive an email when your Shappy ships from our factory. This will have your tracking details so you can keep an eye on it on its way!

We are always looking to improve and we hope your shipping experience with us is seamless – if it isn’t what you expected, please drop us an email at contact@heyshappy.com! We appreciate your help!

Your Shappy will arrive in three big Shappy boxes (80x25x80cm; 80x25x80cm; 80x35x65cm) ready to play with it immediately! We know that kids are not the most patient people on the planet.

If you've changed your mind about your order, you will be eligible for a refund as long as your order hasn’t shipped yet. To cancel an order, please email us for help at contact@heyhappy.com with the subject line "CANCEL Order [Your Order Number]" and our customer team will get back to you ASAP.

Trials & Returns

We’re 100% confident in our Shappy play sofa, so we want you to find out it's 100% great for you. We do understand it might not be for everyone.

You have the right to withdraw from the contract stating no reason within 14 days from the date Shappy arrived at your home. To do so, you will need to send a relevant declaration to contact@heyshappy.com

All returns need to be made in the original packaging! Just pop them back in the plastic wrap, and slide them back into the boxes.

The Shappy returned must be accompanied by a completed withdrawal form and the account number to which we are returning the money. Remember to include the written statement in the box!

If the Shappy is complete and with no signs of damage, the purchase price will be refunded less the return shipping charge within 10 working days the same way the payment was made, or to the bank account specified by you in the withdrawal statement. 

This applies to product suitability and not to color change requests.

Oh no! We take pride in the quality of our Shappy, but we may not always get it right. Please review your Shappy as soon as it arrives and inform us of any problems within 48 hours.

Shappy comes with a 12-month warranty and additional statutory rights. Our play sofas are made right here in our factory, so we can swiftly fix any problems. ... Don't worry; your Shappy will be as good as new in no time!

Head to HERE to read the warranty in full.

All our products come with a limited one-year warranty that covers manufacturing defects that functionally impair the look or use of your product.

To read the warranty in full head to HERE. If you come across a defect, email contact@heyshappy.com with 2-3 pictures of the issue, along with your order confirmation number so that we can help. The warranty only applies to products purchased directly from heyshappy.com, within one year of purchase, and is only provided to the person who made the purchase. If your Shappy was purchased second-hand, it will not be covered by the one-year warranty.