3 Ways How To Stop Wasting Money on Children's Toys

I think most of us have to make a small confession here. Our houses are full of toys that don’t get played with very often. Between our kids, a mountain of toys comes in every Christmas and birthday.
While they appreciate every toy when they open it, only a few are played with more than once or twice.
Over the years, I learned to be savvier with my choices through experiences with toys that prove to be a good value for the money. Here are a few suggestions to help you spend your toy euros wisely.

1. Look for Versatility

My youngest child still plays with his oldest brother’s old Lego and wooden blocks. We’ve been adding to our collection over the years and now we have enough to build a city that takes up half the living room floor. The funny thing is, although we do have “real” Star Wars toys, my boys will still build their own Star Wars scenes out of blocks. I can remember doing the same thing with my Barbies. 
In general, the less gimmicky a toy is, the more ways children can find to incorporate it into their play. Look for toys that rely on a child’s imagination rather than batteries. I don’t rule out toys based on popular characters like Star Wars or Spiderman altogether, but instead of saying that web-blaster that lasts 3 minutes and then needs a pricey refill (we made that mistake once!), I’ll choose a simple action figure or vehicle or a play sofa that could be anything your child wants it to be.

2. Quality is Worth Paying For

Super cheap toys do have their place, but more often than not, they break and don’t work the way they are supposed to. Not only is it a waste, it can also be a safety risk. The best toys are usually the ones that can stand up to some rough play. The more complicated they are or have lots of pieces which could quickly come off and end up in places you don't want them to - like on your child's floor! It’s better to buy fewer toys that are well made. Not only will your money be well spent, but your child will also become less frustrated and be able to enjoy his or her toys for a long time to come. 

3. Find Toys That Encourage Activity

My 3 and 5 year old have been playing non-stop with a their play sofa since they got them on birthday. They love to build fortresses and obstacle and having glorious boy battles and adventures. While it’s a bit unnerving for us parents to watch, they are having a blast and getting some much-needed exercise.

Children need a chance to run around and move their bodies, so we as parents should take every opportunity to get them outside and moving. Toys that encourage this are priceless. Even if you aren’t crazy about the idea of sword battles are all timeless classics that will provide hours of play for your child.

Right now, the group of boys my sons play with has constructed a spaceship out of a couple of play sofa pillows they found in the living room and. They make up wonderful storylines and dash around the playground as they perform their missions.