Why Should You Stop Exposing Your Children To Screen Time And How Do You Get Them Interested In Creative Play?

Why are we all harming our children's development, when we know what's best for them? Is your kid under the age of two years old? A recent study by the American Academy Of Child And Adolescent Psychiatry has concluded that screen time should be avoided at all costs.

If your kid is older than 2 years old but between 2 and 5 years old, you should limit screen time to 1 hour per day. Children who spend more than 2 hours a day engaging in screen time activities score lower on language and cognitive tests.

Studies have shown that children under 2 learn less from a video than when learning from another person, and it appears that although children will watch the TV screen by 6 months, understanding the content does not generally occur until after age 2. It’s not that they won’t be captivated by what’s on the screen, but they’re not learning from it.

 Kids now have far easier access to screens than they had a decade ago, particularly with the covid-19 epidemic on the rise.

You can believe me when I say that there is a high price to be paid for this.

Too much screen-time can lead to thinning of the brain’s cortex, the area of the brain related to critical thinking and reasoning. Spending a lot of time with an iPad in their hands can slow down your child’s development by narrowing their focus of interest and limiting their other means of exploration and learning.

To encourage imagination and creativity, toddlers should be playing with toys, exploring both indoors and outdoors, and interacting with others to help them learn how to socialize.

Exploring outdoors comes easy, but what should we do if we are stuck at home with our kids?

We may be spending more time at home because of a variety of causes, including bad weather, a minor cold, or the continuing pandemic restrictions.

There's no need to feel guilty, it happens to all of us at some time or another. We're all weary at times, and we all want a few minutes alone now and again.

Do you even imagine having only 1 hour per day for yourself, when you know your child is busy and won't sit on the sofa glued to the screen and silent?

Children are never off. They don't sleep, instead, they're charging up like batteries throughout their slumber, eager to explore the world once they wake up in the morning.

Why is it that an hour of silence with the kids glued to the screen ends in a tired tantrum? Why do they appear to be flooded with feelings that need to be let out? Why are they shedding tears?

You're even more exhausted than before, and you promise yourself that this will be the last time. Then you repeat the cycle because your toddler is such a demanding little person.

We understand. It's all about recapturing that single-glow feeling for a second when you were stretching in bed before getting out of bed to enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee.

We feel tired when we look at the tiny little thing in this world that we adore and would risk our lives for.

What can we, as parents, do to keep them occupied? How can we keep them interested all the time and be able to finish up work, do the laundry, or just have a nice cup of coffee on our own patio without putting them in front of an iPad?

The answer is simple. 

Do you recall your own childhood? I'm sure you're thinking, back then, things were different and we didn't have all of the distractions and technology that we do now. That's true, but if you stop to consider it—can you recall what truly made you happy as a youngster while playing?

Was it splashing in puddles on a rainy day, sword-fighting with sticks, or creating amazing forts for ants from rocks?

That is because children will always find their own way of learning about the world. They don't require as many bright lights and changing sounds, according to our beliefs. Instead, they require the freedom to explore the world and develop their imaginations.

Children see magic because they look for it. 

As Walt Disney once said “Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination”. 

But just as a muscle grows flabby with disuse, so the bright imagination of a child pales in later years if he ceases to exercise it. 

Don’t kill it, embrace it.  

We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

This takes a lot of energy, not only from our kids but from us as well. 

How about a quick sanity-saver for a new mother who is also caring for an 8-month-old and a 3-year-old? How about taking care of yourself as well as your adored kid?

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