By choosing Shappy Play Sofas, you're not just making an investment in a premium playtime experience for your children; you're also making an environmentally conscious choice for a sustainable and lasting product.
Features Shappy Play Sofas Other Play Sofas
Size Options Shappy offers two sizes, the Shappy Original and Shappy Original Mini, suitable for various room sizes and family needs. Many competitors provide only one larger size, catering to a different market.
Double-Stitched Covers Shappy uses double-stitched covers, ensuring durability and longevity, even with rigorous use. Some other play sofas feature single stitching, which may lead to fraying over time.
Uniform Cushion Height Shappy Play Sofas have cushions with uniform heights, allowing for more creative play and the option to divide the sofa into two equal armchairs. Some play sofas use cushions with varying heights, limiting play possibilities and structural stability.
Easy-to-Clean Fabrics Shappy offers a variety of easy-to-clean fabrics, including Ultra Plush, which is soft, scratch-resistant, and machine washable. Many competitors use Velour fabric, which can be less practical and challenging to maintain, especially with active children.
More Foam Elements Shappy Play Sofas come with ten foam elements, offering more opportunities for creativity and imaginative play. Some other play sofas provide only six foam elements, limiting construction possibilities.
Hidden Safety Zippers Shappy prioritizes safety with hidden, custom-colored safety zippers, preventing scratching and potential hazards. Some play sofas use regular zippers and pullers, which may pose safety concerns.
No Vacuum Packing Shappy Play Sofas are not vacuum packed, ensuring the product arrives in its best condition without foam deformation or fabric wrinkles. Some competitors opt for vacuum packing, potentially compromising quality.